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It’s Christmas day!  The boys are ready to open gifts but first, Precious and Mel want to teach them the true spirit of Christmas.

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  Precious and Melissa imagine themselves as bad ass babes in a hip hop video.  They get twerk lessons by a super sexy and adorable passerby.  Enjoy, like and share!

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In this episode Sandra tells her friends about a guy she may be in love with. It’s touching, it’s heartfelt and best of all it’s insane. Here’s how to find love online…

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70’s Moms

This video was created to wish our viewers a happy mothers day and it stars our 70’s moms.

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The Donor

In this episode, Gayle and Gail interview a potential donor. Things get a little weird…even for Gayle.    

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The Podcast Meeting

Precious and Mel need male guests for their latest Sex and the Single Parent podcast, but things get a little awkward as they start to review their list. Thanks for viewing. Share and comment!

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MILF Speed Dating

In this episode Precious, Mel and Jeannie have signed up for a friendly evening of speed dating. What’s it like to date when you are a single parent in various stages of raising your...

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How do Canadian moms survive the winter?  Getting your kid into a snowsuit is like putting on a wet pair of skinny jeans.  Tommy Chong’s daughter has some traditional family secrets that she has...

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In this first episode of the new sketch comedy ‘Sex And The Single Parent’, Gayle and Gail interview a potential nanny. Stay tuned for more from Gail and Gayle and other hilarious characters as...