Diaper Diaries


Diaper Diary, Will there come a time when I can pass through an entire day without having to look after everyones poop?

My almost three year old son still craps in his diapers. This a very physical assault on all of my senses. It also hurts my feelings because I have no one to blame for his passivity for sitting in his own offal than myself. Perfect, just around the point in my life where I’m taking control and not taking any more shit, my son finds comfort in wallowing in his own. When will I find balance? Shit balance. I just want to point out that currently in my home is a small dog, a large cat, a kitten and a toddler. By the time I’m done cleaning up shit for the day I’m constipated. Ya, I know. I brought all this on myself and you know what? I couldn’t imagine being happy in my little world without having to clean up poop. I realized this about myself recently. If I don’t have to clean up your shit, I probably will have a hard time loving you. That ‘shit’ is pretty hard to reconcile…

Melissa Story

Melissa is an actor and a comedian. She positively loves animals, small children, laptops and single people. If you knew how harmless a human being she is you would cry.

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