Dirty Little Single Parent Secret

ShhhI like to use the term single parent liberally. I figure the more people hear the term spoken in plain english, the less they will be afraid of us. Say it with me. single. parent. It’s kind of sexy to be a single parent. What great strength these people must have to keep this excellent child thriving? Some people think that because I’m a single parent I probably want them to help me with my kid or go down on me.

There’s a dirty little secret that single parents aren’t telling you and one you probably don’t even wanna know

about. We have sex. We do it when our child is safe in the care of the other parent. We have sex, and it isn’t with the other parent of our child AND IT IS FUCKING FANTASTIC. End of secret.

Melissa Story

Melissa is an actor and a comedian. She positively loves animals, small children, laptops and single people. If you knew how harmless a human being she is you would cry.

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2 Responses

  1. Yes! This is so true. I have my son every other week and it’s been amazing to have a week free to spend time with friends and yes, lovers as well 🙂



  2. Carolynne says:

    Fantastic! So sooo true 🙂

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