Episode 48 – Sex and the Single Young Mum of Two

We’re BA-ACK! So happy to be recording again at our new home at Antica Podcasts, eOne’s amazing podcast network. We are excited to bring to you the story of Isabel Zaw-Tun. Who found herself having to embrace being a single mom of two young
 children at a young age. Her story is heart wrenching and brave and we are so grateful for her honesty, bravery and expert story telling ability. We love this guest and we know you will too. Welcome back to us. We’re glad you’re here.
Previously known as “the baby who appeared on TV with the Edmonton Oilers’ wives when she broke her femur and they visited the hospital as a PR move,” accident-prone former child star Isabel Zaw-Tun is a Toronto comedian, stylist, and hot mom. When she isn’t gracing stages all over the city, she’s busy producing HACK Couture, a fashion + comedy extravaganza of a show that rolls out a fresh new collection every season.
Check out her twitter @isabelzawtun
And her instagram @isabelzawtun



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