episode 49 – The High Cost of Ambition

In this episode we interview the very talented and ambitions creator of MILF Life Crisis, Anne Marie Scheffler. She speaks about how her insatiable appetite for success may have potentially frightened off her more traditional husband. Can a woman have it all or must she make the ultimate sacrifice of losing her love to have the freedom of exploring her own success. Listen to our beloved Anne Marie tell the tale of her very real MILF life Crisis.

Anne Marie Scheffler is an award winning actress/writer/comedian/voice artist and self proclaimed MILF. (Which stands for Mothers are Incredible Lovely and Fantastic. What did you think it stood for?) Anne Marie has a long list of acting credits for film, TV, voice and stage. She has a one hour comedy special, Not Getting It on The Comedy Network, a comedy album on iTunes, and two hit live shows Suddenly Mommy and MILF Life Crisis which she is developing for TV. Follow Anne Marie @clearlyblonde (twitter), @annemariescheffler (instagram) and Facebook AnneMarie Scheffler
Links: MILF Life Crisis Nov 23Dec 22Jan 26
All can be found at milflifecrisis.com

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