episode 63 – Talks With Dad #3

This week in Talks with Dad we ask him about his opinion on Trump and he talks about his friendship with Richard Pryor and George Carlin. He also tells us about the first time he experienced racism as a little boy growing up in the country boy in Calgary.

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  1. Japhy Ryder says:

    Ahoy! Fellow Canuck dropping by; goofy expat 2 be exact, living in Korea the past 15 odd years. Digging the chat with your pops. Long time fan. Gonna check out your ARCHIVES now as well. Our show’s ALL booked until June, but it would be cool 2 have YOU join us as one of our “weekly” guests @ some point. It’s a “PIRATE” themed podcast, so we encourage your CREATIVE juices 2 flow. We’ll also be holding our 3rd ANNUAL weed round-table, Friday, April 20th, streaming LIVE via You-tube, starting, as usual, @ 8 PM: so that’s a possibility as well 🙂 #WPRPN https://twitter.com/JaphyRyder32/status/962878922437287938

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