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The Podcast Meeting

Precious and Mel need male guests for their latest Sex and the Single Parent podcast, but things get a little awkward as they start to review their list. Thanks for viewing. Share and comment!


Romantic Love 2.0

When I was in high school,  I imagined that at this point in my life I would be a sexy combination of Drew Barrymore and Versace.  What transpired after my adorable high school graduation...


Diaper Diaries

Diaper Diary, Will there come a time when I can pass through an entire day without having to look after everyones poop? My almost three year old son still craps in his diapers. This...


Dirty Little Single Parent Secret

I like to use the term single parent liberally. I figure the more people hear the term spoken in plain english, the less they will be afraid of us. Say it with me. single....


Sex and the Single Narcissist?

Mel and I shot another two sketches yesterday. It was a long, fun, challenging, exhausting, and creatively fulfilling day. On the ride back from the shoot Mel said, “Okay I’m going to say something...


Co-Parenting With Someone Who Hates You.

Co-parenting is difficult.  Co-parenting with someone who hates you is hell.  Too many volatile run ins with the ex has prompted the old fashioned co-parenting ritual of passing  a note at the drop off. Example:...


MILF Speed Dating

In this episode Precious, Mel and Jeannie have signed up for a friendly evening of speed dating. What’s it like to date when you are a single parent in various stages of raising your...

Single Parents - Snow Pants Video 0


How do Canadian moms survive the winter?  Getting your kid into a snowsuit is like putting on a wet pair of skinny jeans.  Tommy Chong’s daughter has some traditional family secrets that she has...



In this first episode of the new sketch comedy ‘Sex And The Single Parent’, Gayle and Gail interview a potential nanny. Stay tuned for more from Gail and Gayle and other hilarious characters as...