Sex and the Single Parent

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Tinder is great for hot sexy hookups.  Some hookups think they’re a little hotter and a little sexier than they actually are.  Enjoy this episode which features the hot sex move called, ‘The Move”. ...

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Sex, Podcasts and Global Domination

About a year and a half ago, Precious Chong asked me if I wanted to do a podcast on single parenting.  I’m a huge fan of hers and so I responded with an emphatic...

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The CBC and Our Fake Nutella Breakfast

So I get an email from CBC Marketplace, one of the producer’s read a blog I wrote about feeding my son Jack Nutella (among other foods I’m guilty about) and they are doing a...

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Trilby and Antonia bump into each other at their local organics market. They get a little chatty and hold up the line. The guy behind them in line knows just how to speed things...

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episode 31 – Sex and the Sexy Stepmom

Precious and Melissa talk with the ‘hot stepmom’ who reveals what it’s like to walk in her sexy stiletto slippers.  We discuss her new family life and how she gets through the challenges while remaining madly in love.

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Precious and Melissa can’t get a sitter on Valentines Day even though one of them has lined up a hot date. So, instead of everyone losing, they concoct a brilliant plan that will surely...

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Get ready anti-vaxxers! Get ready pro-vaxxers! The sensational singing mom duo ‘Meeps and Peeps’ have just the song for you!