Sex and the Single Parent

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Taking A Hit

My son has found a passion that isn’t a video game! Hurrah! We’ve tried soccer and circus camp and gymnastics and swimming and ukelele but it was always hard to get him motivated. He...

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Casting ‘Ape’ Actors

The new Planet of the Apes movie just came out, which made me think of this audition I had in Los Angeles a while back. It was for a commercial, I can’t remember the...

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The Podcast Meeting

Precious and Mel need male guests for their latest Sex and the Single Parent podcast, but things get a little awkward as they start to review their list. Thanks for viewing. Share and comment!

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Romantic Love 2.0

When I was in high school,  I imagined that at this point in my life I would be a sexy combination of Drew Barrymore and Versace.  What transpired after my adorable high school graduation...

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Diaper Diaries

Diaper Diary, Will there come a time when I can pass through an entire day without having to look after everyones poop? My almost three year old son still craps in his diapers. This...

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Dirty Little Single Parent Secret

I like to use the term single parent liberally. I figure the more people hear the term spoken in plain english, the less they will be afraid of us. Say it with me. single....

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Sex and the Single Narcissist?

Mel and I shot another two sketches yesterday. It was a long, fun, challenging, exhausting, and creatively fulfilling day. On the ride back from the shoot Mel said, “Okay I’m going to say something...

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Co-Parenting With Someone Who Hates You.

Co-parenting is difficult.  Co-parenting with someone who hates you is hell.  Too many volatile run ins with the ex has prompted the old fashioned co-parenting ritual of passing  a note at the drop off. Example:...

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MILF Speed Dating

In this episode Precious, Mel and Jeannie have signed up for a friendly evening of speed dating. What’s it like to date when you are a single parent in various stages of raising your...

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How do Canadian moms survive the winter?  Getting your kid into a snowsuit is like putting on a wet pair of skinny jeans.  Tommy Chong’s daughter has some traditional family secrets that she has...