Sex and the Single Parent Blog


A Very Brady Bathroom

So, you are a single parent and you’re dating and getting back into the swing of making out with other people and all of a sudden, some bullshit happens… You fall in love. Fuck....


episode 21- Parents Dating Parents

In this episode, Precious and Mel talk about dating someone seriously as a single parent. Mel opens up about a new relationship and Precious shares a little of her own.


70’s Moms

This video was created to wish our viewers a happy mothers day and it stars our 70’s moms.


episode 20 – Pregnant, Alone & Horny

This week, Precious Chong and Melissa Story interview an anonymous guest who  generously shares the intimate details of being pregnant and single.   It’s sexy and honest and a great listen.  Share and enjoy!


The Donor

In this episode, Gayle and Gail interview a potential donor. Things get a little weird…even for Gayle.    


Taking A Hit

My son has found a passion that isn’t a video game! Hurrah! We’ve tried soccer and circus camp and gymnastics and swimming and ukelele but it was always hard to get him motivated. He...


Casting ‘Ape’ Actors

The new Planet of the Apes movie just came out, which made me think of this audition I had in Los Angeles a while back. It was for a commercial, I can’t remember the...