Romantic Love 2.0

finding-online-loveWhen I was in high school,  I imagined that at this point in my life I would be a sexy combination of Drew Barrymore and Versace.  What transpired after my adorable high school graduation was a series of survival techniques that did not include high fashion or movie sets.

Today, I am not surviving,  I am living and here’s why.  I am a single momma.  (I certainly didn’t dream about that when I was in high school)  After two years of sadness and regret and feeling like I was eternally damaged and incapable of finding the right partner, I’ve found peace.  Shortly after finding said peace I have found love!  Wow, what a miracle!  ME!  LOVE!  Holy shit.  The most important thing I need to point out is that love didn’t find me.  I decided I was ready and I searched high and low.  I kept my heart and mind open and it happened.   Romantic?  yes.  Calculated?  you betcha.  Love can find any one of us.  You just have to be willing to put in the hours.  True romance can be very elusive to those who believe in fate and those who are waiting to happen upon the love of your life in a supermarket.

So, go online, go to a ‘club’, join a hot sex knitting circle.  Maybe love didn’t pan out the first, second or thirtieth time around but it’s waiting for you, somewhere, sometime, in some extremely hidden place.

Go get yours.

Melissa Story

Melissa is an actor and a comedian. She positively loves animals, small children, laptops and single people. If you knew how harmless a human being she is you would cry.

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