A Very Brady Bathroom

Brady_Bunch_bathroom_1969So, you are a single parent and you’re dating and getting back into the swing of making out with other people and all of a sudden, some bullshit happens… You fall in love. Fuck. Now what are you going to do? Introduce your kids to their new potential siblings? Move in together? How many bathrooms will it take to make this relationship survive?!!! Well, when I look into the future and ask myself questions like. What will I need? What do I want? The answer for both is a resounding bathroom. I truly believe all sorts of families can live in perfect harmony for years if there’s enough bathroom space. Anyway, the dream to have many bathrooms and hallways is second only to the dream of finding love with a human, small dog or large cat, (platonic love, in the case of the animals). So, if true love does not manage to allude you and you decide to go all ‘Brady’, may you all be blessed with many toilets. It sucks to have to wait to use the bathroom, especially if you only need it only to silently and very privately cry. By cry, I mean masturbate.

Melissa Story

Melissa is an actor and a comedian. She positively loves animals, small children, laptops and single people. If you knew how harmless a human being she is you would cry.

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