Sexy Single Parenting

bullockThere is no such thing as sexy single parenting.  That title was pure click bait.  You’ve been Rick Roll’d.  It’s hard to look sexy when you have no damn clue what you look like because you ain’t got time for mirrors.

When we first started Sex and the Single Parent we had no idea it would become a thing (it hasn’t become a thing.  I’m just using ‘The Secret’).  I liked pushing the whole ‘it’s the best!’ angle because I thought it would make people feel a little less depressed about single parents.  Precious and I would joke that we are making it look too glamorous (we weren’t).  The truth is that raising a child on your own is not the best, but it’s also not the worst.  It’s really difficult but it’s really possible.  It can be depressing if you’re heartbroken, but it can also be a beautiful choice.  We had a guest on our podcast that did artificial insemination and is damn happy about it.  She carefully weighed her decision to have the child and the process she used was fascinating.  Listen to episode 15 – Mary & The Donor.

What is some wisdom I can impart from being a single parent of two years to a three year old?  For one, understand your own needs.  What do you need for yourself to be happy?  You need to meet those needs so you’re tank is full to deal with your children/child.  It’s helpful to cultivate a network of support because it’s very easy to lose yourself to the needs of a child.    Building a ‘network of support’ means endearing yourself to other parents. It’s difficult to force yourself to get to know a person purely so that one day you may thrust your child upon them to go to an audition or go beg your mom for money (hypotheticals).  Another wisdom thing is alcohol/weed (not WHILE parenting!).   Also, sex and or masterbation.  Masterbation is far more convenient even if you’re dating someone wonderful.  I’m going to go do it if I ever publish this post.

Ok, ‘that advice is really self centred,’ you say, ‘what about the children?’  Luckily, there is no shortage of advice online for parenting.  You can get great advice from pretty much anywhere on the internet.  I particularly live by this philosophy.

So even though I want to look just as amazing and on top of it on social media as the next guy with an ego, I’m careful.  I try not to go as far as posting liar pictures of myself to trick people into thinking my single life is amazing because I know what a torturous mind fuck that is for people (people like me).  Every once in a while I’ll change my profile pic, but barring that, it’s just me.  Frizz hair, chipped nails, scaly winter skin McGee.


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  1. Authenticity. I like it. Funny that it should be the outlier, but I like your style, and I can only imagine if we all could keep that in mind as we parent, drink, tweet, flirt, fail and win.

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