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episode 47 – MILF Life Crisis

  Precious and Mel talk with Anne Marie Scheffler about her new one woman show. As usual, she is a pure delight with her candid stories and infectious lust for life. Talent+great comedic timing+MAD story...

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Some gals prefer their sex during a nice afternoon nap. Sky rockets in flight. Afternoon Goodnight.

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Tinder is great for hot sexy hookups.  Some hookups think they’re a little hotter and a little sexier than they actually are.  Enjoy this episode which features the hot sex move called, ‘The Move”. ...

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Sex, Podcasts and Global Domination

About a year and a half ago, Precious Chong asked me if I wanted to do a podcast on single parenting.  I’m a huge fan of hers and so I responded with an emphatic...

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Get ready anti-vaxxers! Get ready pro-vaxxers! The sensational singing mom duo ‘Meeps and Peeps’ have just the song for you!

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episode 21- Parents Dating Parents

In this episode, Precious and Mel talk about dating someone seriously as a single parent. Mel opens up about a new relationship and Precious shares a little of her own.